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                                                                                                                                                               Dog Crates

Dog Crates are a excellent addition as a spare room for your latest pet.

Dog crates come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Some dog owners prefer the plastic molded boxes while others like the wire mesh cage type. Most dogs donít care, to them it is their den, their home in your home. They need a place that is secure and safe and that is what the crate does.

There are many advantages to using a crate and the main one is your house doesnít get destroyed, no shoes go missing or holes in the furniture. Also because of canine instinct your pet will not leave a mess in the crate. They will wait till they go outside so it is better to not leave the puppy in his new little home longer than 4 hours. If the crate is too big they will sleep on one side and leave a mess on the other side. 

When you want to go on holiday or travel, putting him in the crate in the car is a lot safer. And when you get to your destination the dog already has a home to go to so he wont run off. As dogs are part of the pack they like to be around other members of the pack and that means you, so keep the crate in the living room where your pet can be in his room but also part of the pack. 

It is easier to train a puppy to live in the den by just throwing a treat inside and your pet will run inside and hopefully stay there but that will take time. First leave the door open so he can come and go as he pleases, After your new puppy is used to the den then close the door. If your dog makes a racket DONĒT do anything because if you do, your dog is training you, and that is not really what you had in mind.

Anyway for all your crate needs and dog supplies check out my favorite stores.

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