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A Dog Crate is his home in our home.

A dogís home in our home is his crate, so we should introduce our new pet to his crate as early as possible. A dog is still controlled by instincts even though it has been a friend of mankind for over 10,000 years. 


Dogs in the wild live in a den, which is a small enclosed place just big enough for the dog to curl up in. Dogs donít really need too much space. Some people recommend it should be long enough to stretch out in. Most dogs donít care, they want a place they can call home and the crate is it. 

If you have a wire crate put a blanket over it so it is more like a den than an open air room. Dogs need a place they can hide in, so tell the kids to keep away and not annoy the dog in its room. If your dog doesnít feel secure it will find another place. Like under your bed. 

The den is your dogís place of security where he goes to get away from it all. A crate is good for house training because the natural instinct of the dog is not to soil or leave a mess in his room so the dog will leave to go to the toilet. But if the den is too big the dog will sleep on one side and go toilet on the other, so keep it small. 

Throw a good old sturdy blanket in to make it more like a home and your dog will love his hideaway. After your dog is used to his den you can lock him in if you need but not for too long as he has to go to the toilet. 

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