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                                                                                                                                        Dog clicker training

Dog Clicker Training seems to be well entrenched in dog training cycles.

Clicker training is all about natural training. You do not touch the dog while training with a clicker but you must give treats. The dog must associate the click with the treat with the action. First you start of by clicking then giving a treat so the dog

can guess that when he hears the click he will get a treat

Now it is time to start training. 

You have to wait for the dog to naturally do what you want, like for example you want the dog to sit. As soon as the dog's bum hits the ground you click, then treat

You must click as soon as the desired action takes place. The dog already knows that when he hears the click he will get a treat. So as soon as he realizes that when he sits he gets a click and a treat. 

Then you move onto verbal commands and or hand commands. When the dog sits you say ‘Sit’ then click and treat. Now onto standard training, you say ‘Sit’ and if the dog sits, it is click and treat. Then you diminish the clicks and treats and your dog should sit on command. 

Clicker training is a very humane way of training, there is no collar therefore there is no yanking on the collar. You just have to spend time with your dog waiting until he does the required action then click and treat. 

You know your dog so you can predict what he is going to do so it doesn’t take too much time. Using this method you can get your dog to do all the obedience training so you end up with a very polite dog.

As you are training your dog you will still need supplies and this is where I buy mine.

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