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                                                                                                                                                Dog chew toy

To keep the teeth marks out of your furniture give your dog a dog chew toy  to chew on

Dogs and puppies are notorious for chewing on everything and anything, but it is just part of being a puppy. To survive with your house intact you need to give your lovely little pet something to sink its teeth into. There are lots of

latex toys to choose from, some are good, some are not so good and others are just not safe. Whenever you give your dog something to chew on keep an eye on your dog or you could find your indestructible chew gone. And most problems arise if the dog has eaten a chew or bits of a chew. 

There are true stories out there on the net about dogs that have eaten bits of chews that they have gnawed of an indestructible chew. And a lot of those stories do not have a happy ending. You must realize that all companies are in business to make money and that usually means they skimp on telling you the bad side of their products. That is one of the advantages of the Internet you can get your story out and warn others. 

When buying chews the golden rule is usually get one that is bigger than your dog needs so your dog has trouble gnawing and chewing away at it. I like the Kong but even there they say on the label to watch your dog. Some big dogs have been known to demolish a Kong in a very short time, even the black ones that are supposedly indestructible. 

If you want a more natural chew rawhide bones are an excellent chew and they can last for a long time but stick to a larger size as they can get chewed down to a edible size. These are made from cow skin and they are tough and built to last. 

Anyway I buy my chews from these stores, they have been good to me so they should be good to you.

For more information about dog chew toys have a look at our Dog Toys page.










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