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                                                                                                                                                     Dog care 

If you have a pet dog you will need to know something about dog care

Dogs have been living as our pets for so long now they would have a lot of trouble living without our help. The relationship between dogs and man is beneficial to both sides. In exchange for companionship and safety we have signed an unwritten contract to take care of out pets. 

So we have to make sure our beloved pooch has plenty of water, dog food, shelter and cleanliness and health. Most donít take up much time but they are an on going thing. 

Dogs need 2 bowls of water a day, we just have to make sure it is not too hot or frozen in winter. Not to difficult but how many times have we forgotten. Food is another daily thing, but we also have to take into consideration how much to feed out little or big companion. Too much is a lot worse than too little. 

Then there are the things like worms and worm pills and if we own a puppy we should take worm pills ourselves every time we de-worm the dog. Also dogs are not cheap to run, there are vaccinations and vet bills that all add up. What about Heartworm if you are in a warm climate, and fleas and ticks.. You have to keep an eye out for those. 

Also exercise is the key to a controlled dog. Have you got time to go for a walk, if not find time? 

Your lovely pooch needs to be kept clean that means baths and grooming. Are you up to washing and combing your pet, they will love it but will you. Dogs are lovely and you will love looking after your pet as much as he will love being looked after. 

Anyway for all the supplies you need check out my favorite online shops.

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