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                                                                                                                                            Dog Breeding

Dog Breeding is something anyone who owns a female dog has to think about unless they are spayed.

There seems to be a lot of discontent about breeding a dog. Breeders seem to think that anyone who gets puppies is a puppy mill, and they are always going on about responsible breeding. 


Female dogs come on heat for one thing and one thing only and that is the continuation of the species. It is the law of nature so if you have a bitch you will end up with puppies unless you have it spayed. If you have unwanted puppies and you canít give them to friends take them to the animal shelter and they will take care of them. 

In my opinion I think most puppies are accidental and then the mother dog is spayed. After the problems with the first litter, you donít want to go through that again. Most dog owners just want a companion not an extended family so they are not really into breeding. It is just nature doing her thing. 

There are puppy mills out there and in some cases the conditions the dogs live under, are terrible. I donít approve of that. And really with the over population of dogs there should be enough pups to go around without specially breeding dogs to get puppies to sell. 

Just remember most unwanted puppies and dogs that end up at the shelters are put down, so if you want that to happen to your puppies, breed as often as you like.

Anyway if you have puppies and you need supplies try out these pet stores they are the ones that keep me supplied.

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