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Are you a specific Dog Breed person or will any dog be the one you like

Some dog owners like a breed of dog that is quite large while others like the Toy Breeds. It can depend on your situation, if you live in a small apartment then a small dog will probably be better. But if you live in a rough neighborhood then something larger will be more acceptable.

The breeds you choose are what you want. 

You can do what a lot of families do and that is pick the most common house pet which just happens to be the Labrador Retriever followed closely by the Golden Labrador. Even though Toy Dogs or lapdogs get a lot of exposure they are still not all that common. The Labs are good pets but they have a disposition to getting fat, so they need lots of exercise. Also Labs conjure up an image of a police dog, therefore the sight of a Lab is enough to keep the wrong type of person away. They do double duty as pets and guard dogs. 

Most families want a dog that will guard them or make a racket when somebody knocks on the door or window. Most dog breeds have had the aggressiveness bred out of them, but there is always the possibility your dog will bite someone and most people donít know why. The most aggressive breeds are the Pit Bulls and Rottweiler while the Hound Dogs are the safest, but any dog is capable of biting

Police dogs and war dogs are trained to bite but with the average dog you just donít know. Anyway depending on what you want the dog for, will decide on the puppy you get. If you have young kids get a safe dog.

After you have your pet dog you will need supplies and these online stores are where I shop.










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