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If you are unsure about what breed of dog you are looking for try out a Dog Breed Selector.

There are breed selectors all over the internet, and they all basically ask the same questions. I like the Animal Planet Guide at it is a bit slower that some of the others but they do explain the questions. Anyway I keep looking at the Animal Planet website cause it has some interesting stuff on it. Here is another one that actually has some decent questions and it looks user friendly. Some of questions are appropriate and they give people who have never had a dog something to think about. 


I must admit most questions are useful and should be considered but in some of the selectors the answers you could choose from were not really appropriate. I think the best dog breed selector questions are the questions they ask you at the shelter before you adopt a dog. 

At the animal shelter they donít want the dog coming back so they ask the right questions to make sure they match you up with the right dog. In some cases if you want a special breed and the shelter thinks that breed is not suited to you they will say so. 

And in most cases the questions are to do with young children and dogs. You do not want a breed of dog with aggressive tendencies around young children. That is a recipe for disaster and the shelter will tell you that. 

About 60% of all dog bite victims are children under 10 years old and Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and their mixes are responsible for 74% of all attacks, so if you have kids be careful what breed you get. 

Anyway after you have brought your dog you need supplies and what better place than my favorite online shops.

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