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                                                                                                                      Dog Bones

Give a doggie a boneóall dogs love dog bones mainly because chewing is part of your petís natural behavior.

Dogs love to chew on things as you usually find out after you canít find one of your brand new leather shoes. Fresh dog bones from the butcher or processed rawhide treats straight from the packet. 

Which is the best? Well it is up to you and your dog. 

Some pet owners like the raw meat bones while others like the dried ones straight from the packet. Some use both, it can depend on what day of the week it is. As most dogs still have wild instincts they love to chew and raw meat is better for a dogís health. But you have to be careful as you can pick up some germs from the used bones, that is if your dog hasnít eaten them all up. 

Some pet owners think that the real bones can injury their pet but that is not always the case. Most cases of injury occur when the bone has been fried, roasted or barbequed because then the bone is brittle and can splinter, but if the bone is raw it is not usually a problem. 

The other option are the packets of rawhide chews that are readily available at the pet shops along with toys and other supplies. These are made from the skin of cows and are very tough. Dogs can chew on them for hours and that will save your furniture and your shoes. While your pet is chewing away, the hard abrasive rawhide will help clean their teeth and strengthen their gums and they are a tastier chew.

I get my rawhide bones from these online shops. For any dog supplies online shopping is the way to go, it is as close as your computer.

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