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                                                                                                                     Dog bite

Dogs have been around mankind for over 10,000 years but we still get a Dog Bite every now and then

As a parent with or without a dog it is our responsibility to make sure our kids or us do not end up as dog food. If you own a dog make sure your kids do not hug, kiss or ride your dog. If a child gets bitten they are most likely doing one of those three things. 


If a kid gets bitten on the face they were either trying to hug or kiss the dog. 

The problem with dogs is they will put up with this behavior and then something will irritate them, and bang your kid needs his face stitched back together. My niece was lucky she only heeded 12 stitches in her head after trying to hug the dog because the dog was upset. She used to hug the dog all the time but this time the dog was upset. 

So donít let your kids hug or kiss your dog. 

If your kid gets bitten on the leg he was probably trying to ride the dog, another no no.

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Also teach your kids to be a tree if approached by a strange aggressive dog. That means straight upright, hold your hands together in front of you and look at your toes. Do not look at the dog. This posture could save your life. If you fall down lie face down like a log with your hands clasped together over your neck, and do NOT move.  

Never run or say anything. You can never out run a dog. 

If you are bitten by a dog go to the doctor but if you can, do not get stitched up, because they will get infected. If you can leave the bite marks to drain then you have more chance off letting the infection flow out. Sometimes if the damage is too serious you will need to get stitched up immediately. 

Check out this website for more on dog bites and how to stay safe they are very informative. 

For more information about supplies and some training manuals. Have a look at

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