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Dogs love to sleep but where is the Dog Bed 

     Dogs love to sleep and most breeds can curl up for around 12 – 13 hours a day. That is a lot of time asleep. In the wild and when it is cold most dogs curl up in a tight ball to keep warm. When it gets warmer like in the middle of summer they can stretch out on their side. Dogs don’t like to be woken up and if startled they can bite so don’t let the kids jump on pooch when he is asleep. 

As dogs spend so much time asleep, the question arises ‘Where do they sleep?” And that is where a dog bed comes in if your pet lives inside. Your pet needs a place of its own and having a dog bed is better than one side of the sofa, or the middle of your bed. If they are losing their hair it is easier to clean. 

     There are many different beds you can choose from. Some dogs just use a special mat or a cushion that they like. Mine curls up on a mat in the corner of the lounge. If you like you can buy an ornate little 4 poster bed. These are good because they are raised off the ground and some are heated which is a plus for the winter and dogs do like warmth. 

     Designer beds are not really that expensive and they do add a decorative value to your living room. And your pet knows that that is his bed so he sleeps there. Pet beds come in all shapes and sizes so you are bound to find one that will fit in your home.

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