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Excessive Dog Barking can cause a lot of neighbor discontent, but the problem could be more to do with us than our pet.

     Barking is too dogs as talking is to us, so if dogs are barking we should try and find out why. If our pet can take advantage of our typical human nature of coming when we are

called, he will and that could be one of the reasons why our pet barks. Because when he was little all he had to do was bark and we would come running, so we have trained him to bark. 

And now we have to untrain him. 

     Not really difficult to do but it takes time, and this would work for most barking problems unless they are physical and the dog wants to go for a walk. When your dog barks exert your authority, remember you are the pack leader, yell loudly and forcibly “No Barking” and wave a treat in front of its nose. If the dog makes a sound say “No Barking” again until the dog is quite for about a few seconds then give him the treat. Praise and cuddle the dog but try and make sure your pet knows he got the treat and the cuddle and praise because he stopped barking. You will have to do this exercise until he will stop barking on command. 

     You could also try the standard collar and leash method. Every time he barks yank roughly on the lead so he gets the message if he barks he gets a yank. A bit rough but very effective. Sometimes dog's bark because of loneliness, being afraid or just plain boredom, so leave some toys around like a Kong or something just to give the dog something to do.

     Anyway you can try dog obedience training courses or videos or even the stop barking collar, they seem to be very effective with some dogs. I get my courses and collars from these stores and they are pretty good.

     Dog Barking

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