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Even though cats and dogs live in our homes you still need different dog and cat toys

     Dog and cat toys are designed differently because dogs love chew toys and cats like to chase things and play with things that move. If they stop moving the cats

can lose interest, whereas a dog can gnaw away for hours or until the toy collapses. 

     Cats are very efficient hunters and you can see that when they are playing with anything that moves. Dogs use noise and weight to bring their prey down whereas cats are sneaky and very quiet and they are extremely fast. 

     So cat toys are usually something you can pull around like a piece of string that the cat can chase. Something you can move fast to give your cat a workout, and they love it. If you tried to do that with a dog he would destroy your house trying to catch the string. 

     Dogs like throw things, something they can bring back to you. Cats are different they will usually bring back a half dead mouse for you, but not the piece of string. So if you have dogs and cats living together they usually will not share their toys, so you are safe. 

     Some dogs guard their toys with a vengeance so if the cat or one of your kids tries to get the toy their can be serious problems. Cats can always get out of the road of a dog, but kids are not so fast. So if your dog is very protective keep your kids away.

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