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                                                                                                                                     Dogs agility training

If you and your dog have a competitive spirit try Dog Agility Training for competition

     Dog Agility is similar to Horse Show Jumping where you have to guide your dog through a series of jumps or obstacles. There are certain rules that must be followed and the winner is judged on time and how many mistakes he didnít make. If

you want to train your pet to compete in competitions just remember it takes time, praise patience and lots and lots of treats. At the moment this Agility Starter Kit is very popular.

     To actually get your dog to do some of the exercises put your treats or goodies in a little plastic container that you can rattle at the end of some of the exercises so your dog can follow his nose to complete the course. It is not really that simple. 

     When your pet does something correct lots of praise and more praise and a treat. It is also recommended that you do not name the obstacles until your dog is comfortable with doing it. So the last thing you teach is the name of the obstacle. 

     Some of the jumps and obstacles are more difficult than others as can be expected depending on your dog. For a good explanation on the agility course and how to get you dog over it look at this site Some of the obstacles you can set up at home, like the tire, but for most you need to go to a agility training school to get your dog used to the course. 

     Here is a selection of Dog Agility Training Courses and for more general information about training look here:

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