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                                                                                                                                       Dog adoption

If you want a dog, try Dog Adoption from one of the many dog shelters 

     When you adopt a dog from the homeless shelter, you are saving a life and giving a pet a second chance. I donít know the figures but I would say a large number of animals are just put down because nobody wants them. Iím dead against puppy mills churning out more and more dogs in a pet overpopulated world, where there is nowhere to go except the end of the road. Adopting a dog is not easy and not cheap. They donít just give them away, you are checked our first. 

But before you adopt you have to ask yourself a few questions. 

     Like: Why do I want a dog? Is it because I am lonely and I need some company or I just need a pet. Dogs live 10 years or more so adoption is a long term thing. I recommend starting with an older dog, they have already been trained and they are not too energetic. And with older dogs the commitment in time is not so long. 

     If you want to try before you buy some shelters will let you do that. Also dogs are not cheap to look after, you could be looking at a $1000 a year easy for just food, supplies and toys, and that doesnít include vet bills, so do you have the extra money. 

     Is your house big enough for an extra body, depending on the size of your dog they do take up some room even if it is on the edge of the sofa. Exercise is another big thing, because dogs need exercise and that means you have to take them for a walk. Are you up to it? 

     I love dogs and I recommend everyone should have one but you must look at your situation first. Anyway, after you have your new pet curled up on the sofa, it is time to stock up on supplies. These are the shops I recommend and they should have everything you need to keep the latest addition to you family happy and healthy. 

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     And to train your new dog have a look at how the Dog Whisperer Does It











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