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                                                                                                   Diabetic dog food

Our dogs somehow seem to succumb to the same aliments that affect us so diabetic dog food is good for our pets

     As diabetes takes its toll amongst dog owners we need to feed our lovely pet diabetic dog food to try and save the doorbell from getting the dreaded disease.

Diabetes is s serious problem within our society and doctors recommend exercise to combat it. That is where the latest addition to the family comes in. We buy dogs so we can get more exercise. 

But it doesn’t take long for us to fall back to our old habits and our lovely pet stays curled up on the sofa watching TV. 

     If you are in this situation where you have to get more exercise and you decide to get a dog then get an older dog from the shelter. This way the dog is not to strenuous and wont drag you down the street. If your dog is getting old and fat you should already be feeding it diabetic dog food. The best diabetic dog food is raw uncooked meat straight from the beast if possible. Most supermarket butchery departments now supply bags of raw dog food, and that is what you should be buying for your pet. 

     If you are buying processed treats, biscuits and food check the label and see what is in it. A good diabetic dog food should not have any grains, sugars or carbohydrate in it, as these turn into sugar in your body. If your dog is suffering from diabetes then diabetic dog food is only half the solution. The other half is exercise so keep going for those long walks and both you and your dog will benefit.

     For a very good range of dog food see our Dog Food Page and click on the link to dog food, but if possible read the labels or send an email asking which is the best diabetic dog food.

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