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                                                                                                                                                     Chews For Dog

Dogs love to chew it is natural behavior for them so find some Chews For Dog because he’ll love them and you

     If you don’t give your puppy or dog something you could pay the price with teeth marks in your furniture and chewed up shoes. Puppies love chewing especially when they are teething and when they are exploring their new world. Adult dogs chew when they are bored or when they want something to do. So for the safety of your home give your dog something to sink his teeth into. 

     With everything you give your dog there is a safety aspect so don’t give too much and don’t give them anything that is too small. Be very careful your dog can’t get into the packet by himself cause he will finish them off and that is when problems can start. 

     Chews are not designed to be gulped down quickly they need to be gnawed, bitten and chewed over time so if your dog is a gulper find something that he cannot gulp, something that needs to be chewed, if the big rawhide bones are no good try a black Kong, they are pretty indestructible. 

     The most popular chews are ‘Greenies’ and they are a dental chew as they, like all chews help to clean your dog’s teeth. One of the advantages of chews is the abrasive action of the dog chewing, helps clean his teeth and if your dog has bad breath ‘Greenies’ help. 

     Chews help to keep your dog occupied but they still need exercise so a good walk will help. To buy your chews have a look at these stops they are where I buy mine.

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