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                                                                                                                                                 cheap dog toy

If you have had enough of expensive toys why not try out a cheap dog toy

     Actually there are a lot of reasonable cheap toys at the online pet shops. And if you register with your favorite online store they should send you emails whenever

they have a special sale. This way you can pick up good toys at reasonable good prices. Also you can compare prices at or just go to Amazon. They are always running special clearance sales and can be quite cheap. 

For a really cheap toy why not make your own

     The best toy is just a used plastic drink bottle like from just plain water or pop. I drink iced tea and those bottles are really good. Just push a few treats inside the bottle and let your dog loose on the bottle. And he will either do something to get the treats out or destroy the bottle in the process. Then just throw it in the recycle bin and use another one. 

I like cheap but I have found quality lasts longer. 

      Take a Kong for example, you can pick one up reasonable cheap and they last a long time. A lot longer than a lot of cheap toys. Another toy is the Cuz, they are cheap and they do seem to outlast a lot of other toys. 

     If your dog is into rope toys why not just tie up your own rope toy. If you can get hold of some heavy-duty hemp rope just tie a knot in the middle or tie two knots and let the ends fray. This way it will look just like a brought one. Hemp rope is not as strong as nylon but it is safer. 

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