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Which is better for your pet dog canned dog food, dry food or raw food.

     Actually canned dog food is basically water as most canned dog food is around 20% moisture  give or take a few percentage points depending on the brand. So if you like feeding your pet 80% water full her up with canned dog food. And

because most canned dog food is about 80% water that doesn’t leave much room for food that your pet can digest like protein and nutrients. That leaves about 10% for protein and the rest are mainly fats as dogs like fats. 

     Really just feeding canned dog food is not very healthy for your dog

     As the average sized dog needs about 2.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. Then most dogs will have to eat a lot of canned dog food to get anywhere near that amount of protein. At best I feed canned dog food as a special treat not all the time as my dog loves it but then she will eat anything that comes out of a can. It is possible all the chemicals that preserve it and give it flavor. 

     To keep your dog healthy and happy nothing beats a raw food diet with lots of real bones straight from the butcher. Dogs are meat eaters so they should eat meat and the best meat is the big bags of frozen scrapes, left over at the butcher. When meat has been frozen for a number of months all the bacteria has died off so the meat is safer to eat. But make sure the meat is properly thawed out before feeding it to your dog. If you are not into raw meat the next best thing is high quality dry food

     To buy Dog Food try these online pet stores as they have a good selection especially bagged dry food and a few tins of canned dog food for special occasions.

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