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Bulldogs are originally an English Dog bred to fight bulls as a sport.

     Nowadays the bulldog is a small squat dog with very wide shoulders that slobbers over everything. It can be quite a dangerous dog rumored never to let go once it has sunk it’s teeth in. There is some truth in that but they are usually a placid dog that

can have problems with the heat, because of breathing difficulties with it’s short face. Also because of it’s abnormally large head it can have trouble whelping and the pups are usually born by caesarean section. 

Especially with purebred puppies going for around $1000, you don’t want to lose any at birth.

     The average adult bull dog weighs somewhere between 40 and 50 lbs and stands about 15 inches tall and they have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years. The dog is short-haired with a smooth and fine texture and is usually a white color with a dark mask or muzzle. Like all dogs they should be groomed weekly and special attention should be paid to eyes, ears, teeth feet and nails. Because of their body shape sometimes their hip joints can develop abnormally so you should keep an eye on those also.

     Well that about wraps up the bulldog so if you need any supplies or anything for you dog like a kennel or collar check out these sites here, they have been good to me so they should be good to you also.

For more information see our dog toys products.

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