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If You Are Into Brand Name Dog Toys Then Check Out The Booda Dog Toy Brand

     Booda Toys are actually quite famous for their Velvet range of edibles. They are made from a revolutionary new patented cornstarch formula. Also they are very healthy for your dog as they are completely free of animal by-products,

preservations, toxins and too top it off they are biodegradable. 

     They will give your dog hours of gnawing fun as well as cleaning his teeth and gums. And they come in all shapes and sizes form velvet bones to velvet sticks and now there is also the Velvet Bimples, which is a bone shape with little raised bumps. These bumps help clean teeth and reduce tarter build up and they are the cornstarch formula as the original velvets. 

Booda have also got a wide range of plush and rope toys but very few latex toys

     Their wide range of rope toys for teeth cleaning are usually made from 100% fine gauge cotton yarn, which is extremely durable and dogs seem to love the natural texture. 

     The plush toys cover everything from the little Squatters animals, a range of small animals toys to the Booba Bellies, a larger toy that the Squatters. These toys are soft with a squeaker and should provide hours of play. One Latex range is the Booda Squish Me, a super squishy latex toy that is quite durably and great for some serious rough play


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