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                                                                                                            Bones for dogs

The debate about letting dogs eat raw Bones For Dogs has surfaced again, which side are you on?

     Usually the owners who feed their pets raw bones are people who believe in healthy food choices. The live the life and expect the pooch to follow suit. It is not something they force on their animals, it is what they believe in. They would

eat very little processed food and would probably shop at the organic section of the supermarket and grow their own food

     This seems to be a trend in the Western world among a growing sector of the community. 

     They have had enough of doctors who have been brought by medicine companies. And food manufacturers who have brought government officials so they can put harmful ingredients in processed food. This is their way of fighting back. 

     The general rule is if you are going to feed bones to your dog, feed raw bones. Do not cook the bones because then they can splinter and damage your dog. A number of vets are against feeding bones to dogs whether cooked or raw and they have a valid point. As they see first hand what splintered bones and small bones can do. 

     So it is up to you, what you want to do. I would say raw bones with a little meat would definitely be more healthier that the processed meat that you buy for your pet from the supermarket so I use a bit of both. The packaged food is very convenient and the dog gets the raw bones whenever I am feeling generous. Anyway these are the stores I buy my dog food from but they don’t supply raw bones.

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