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                                                                                                      Big  Dogs                       Some dog owners like Big Dogs because they want a dog around the house not a cat that barks.

     It all depends on the personality of the owner but most owners don’t want the really big dogs, they just want the popular large breeds. The three most popular dogs in America are Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd

in that order. And of those the German Shepherd is the biggest standing at about 24—26 inches at the shoulder and weighing around 75—95 lbs for an adult. 

     Comparing this to the largest dog, the Irish Wolfhound at 105—125 lbs and standing 30—35 inches at the shoulder, it is not really that big. The biggest most common dog the Great Dane sometimes referred too as the gentle giant is only 32 inches at the shoulder and about 5lbs lighter.

     The larger dogs are not really suitable for family pets as they are strong, often independent, domineering and difficult to control. They need firm control and proper training and they learn quickly so training is not a problem. But because of their huge size they are not suited as a family pet or as a first dog

     Most families like the middle sized dogs as pets, that is possibly why the Lab is the most popular. It is slightly smaller than the German Shepherd and has a good temperament. It was bred as a hunting dog to bring back game that has been shot. It is considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds and can be easily trained.

     Now you have your big dog as a pet it is time to stock up on the food and supplies. I get mine off the internet from these stores, and they are pretty good.

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