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If you have a big dog then you need Big Dog Toys

     Dogs come in all shapes and sizes so do the toys that go with the dog. But to be on the safe side you need a toy that is bigger than your dog’s mouth. As most of the problems with dogs eating bits they chew off toys or the whole toy is when

the toy is too small or not strong enough for the real big aggressive chewers. 

     And you do hear some horror stories as the dog can die a horrible death with a hunk of indestructible chew toy stuck in its stomach somewhere. So be careful what you give your big dog to play with. 

My most important rule is: can my dog get the toy in his mouth. 

     If they can’t then I usually assume it is pretty safe. There is a lot of big strong stuff out there that will keep your dog occupied for hours on end and you don’t need to worry. 

     I like the Kong, they have been around for years and I haven’t heard any horror stories about a Kong yet, so they must be pretty safe. But as I said before I buy the biggest and the toughest like the big black one, then I don’t have to worry. 

     In the plush toy range there are some heavy-duty toys that are not easily ripped apart and they also come in big sizes, ideal for big dogs. I’m not into dog clothes as there is not much out there in the big dog range, but if there was a good jacket I’d probably get one for winter as the dog is starting to feel his age now. 

     One dog toy we all need is the collar and there is always one available that will fit. We might not be able to get the one we want but we can always get one.

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