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                                                                                                                                                          beware of the dog

When you hang a ‘Beware Of The Dog” on your front gate who are you warning

     Most dogs are not a problem. It is the way we interact with dogs and in some case irresponsible owners. In the US there are about 65 million dogs and every year about 4.7 million dog bites, most are insignificant but around 800,000 need medical attention and about 380,000 end up in a hospital emergency room. Of these somewhere between 15 and 20 die each year, most are children. 

If you buy a puppy to protect you, just remember 77% of the dogs who do the biting belong to the victim’s family or friends and 61% happen in the victim’s home or in a familiar place. And 77% of all injuries to children under 10 were to the face. 

Never put your face close to a dog's face

     Most of the dog bites were unprovoked but that is what we say. We must realize that dogs are not human beings and some of the things we do, that we consider normal, the dog sees as an attack. Like hugging and kissing, we view that as acceptable behavior. But dogs don't and that is one of the reasons a lot of children get bitten in the face. Also if children are frightened they run, but they can never outrun a dog. The dog thinks they are prey and attacks. 

     If you want a dog and you got kids get a safe breed like a Hound Dog they seem to be the safest dog. Also teach your kids that dogs are wild animals and they can bite. If approached by a strange dog be like a tree and don’t look at the dog. And at home don’t stick your face near a dog’s face it is too close to its teeth. 

So who should read the sign on your gate. 

     Anyway for dog supplies, toys and things check out these shops, they are my favorites. You might even see a sign you can hang on your gate.

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