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How do you find out what is the best dog toy?

     I don’t really know what is the best dog toy but after checking the blogs and a lot of web pages the name Kong keeps popping up so I would think they are possibly the best. They have been around for over 30 years so they should have a good

following by now. And they keep improving their products and bringing out new products to suit most breeds of dog

     The way I check to see which toy is the best is I go to Amazon and punch in 'Dog Toys' under Pets. Then I check the Bestsellers pull down menu and see what comes up. 

As expected Kong dominates the top 10 but it is not the original red or black that comes up first. 

     It is the Air Kong Large Squeaker Jack Dog Toy followed by Air Kong Large Squeaker Dumbbell Dog Toy. The Original Red and Black Kong came in 7 and 8th. Most of the top 20 are latex toys with only one plush toy and no rope toys, which surprised me as my dog likes the rope toys. It also shows that some of the newer Kong toys are more popular than the originals. So it pays to bring out new products to give your faithful followers something new to try out. 

     Another good site that has a list of Top 10 Best Dog Toys is the About Dogs site but they don’t say how they got their list. There top toy is the Jolly Pets Romp n Roll Dog Toy and next in line are the Jolly Pet Teaser Balls. In another list on their site The Kong is Number one, followed by The Buster Cube. I think the main reason dogs love these two toys is because they have treats in them and if they play with them long enough they will get something to eat. Third on the About list is Squeaky Toys.

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