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                                                                                                          best brand of dog food  

One of the most debated topics among dog owners is usually which is the best brand of dog food

     There are so many different brands of dog food it is no wonder dog owners are always wanting to know if the brand they use is the best brand of dog food for

their dog. I can’t answer that as I usually stick to something my dog will eat and that means mixing food together to get her to change brands. Dogs are fussy animals or is it just mine. 

     I tend away from the brands of dog food that are heavily advertised with the beautiful ads on TV, as ads cost money. I tend to assume that if the company can afford the expensive ads on TV then the quality of their brand will suffer, so I stick to products that are not heavily advertised. These brands of dog food are usually more expensive and are of better quality, I think. 

If you buy your dog food at the supermarket

     Try and buy the brands on the bottom or top shelf as these are usually the better brands but not always. The brands at eye level are the most heavily advertised brands and therefore the quality suffers. I prefer to buy my dog food from the pet shops on the internet as they can usually supply a superior quality product. If you can order direct from the company or manufacturer you can usually get a good discount on big orders. To find out the best brand of dog food for your dog, read the labels and pick the brands with human grade products. Normally price can tell you which is the best brand of dog food as the more expensive should be the most healthy. 

     Anyway I buy my Dog Food from these online stores and if I buy enough I get free delivery. I think the best brand of dog food is Solid Gold and Canidae both available at

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