American bull dog  

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The American Bull Dog was first used to bring bulls and hogs to the ground, now it is just a pet

     The dog is a sturdy animal and is still not recognized by the American Kennel Association as a breed. In the Disney movie "Homeward Bound 2, Lost in San Francisco" the dog ‘Chance’ was an American Bull Dog. I don’t know if the movie made the breed more popular or not, but in the movie four different dogs played the


From the movie you can see that the dog is quite well trained. 

     But being a rather large dog, standing between 23 –27 inches at the shoulder for a male, and weighing a good 75 –120 lbs it is best to keep an eye on it. Just remember it has been bred to wrestle bulls to the ground so it is extremely strong. 

     They usually have an easy temperament and are typically friendly, happy and devoted and are suited for homes with older children. They are good watch-dogs but can be aggressive to dogs they don’t know. Because of their short hair coats they are very easy care, but you do need to brush them occasionally to get rid of the loose hair. 

     They need to be firmly trained and they need exercise, and lots of it, You could ride a bike and let them follow but don’t overdo it and run the poor dog into the ground. If you get a puppy you should be able to have a dog for 10 years, they don’t live as long as the smaller dogs. Anyway after you have your new dog settled in, it is time for supplies and this is where I get my supplies from.

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