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                                                                                                                                                                   Alpha dog

The Alpha Dog is the leader, in other words you are the Alpha leader and your dog must look up to you.

     Whether you are training a puppy or an older dog you are the alpha leader and you must be the boss. If your pet thinks he will get away with anything he will try it, so you must

let your dog know that you will not tolerate unacceptable behavior. Training little puppies is a bit easier, they soon realize you are the boss and they want to please you. Sometimes just growling at the new puppy in doggie talk is enough to let it know it has done wrong.

     Also another aspect of the alpha dog is you have to protect your pack so your dog expects you to protect it if it is attacked. And you have to try but it can be quite dangerous to stop a dog fight so don’t. If you are carrying a heavy walking stick then smack the other dog between the ears until it backs off. You will possibly have to hit it a number of times. That is one of the disadvantages of being the alpha dog

     If you are asserting yourself as the alpha dog make sure your pet knows what he has done wrong. If you use the scruff of the neck technique make sure you are safe and your dog will not turn on you. If you think it will bite you don’t touch it. You will need to get some professional advice for that one. You can put a muzzle on the dog and take him down with the alpha roll, but only do that with a muzzle and only if you know what you are doing. This is a test of dominance so be careful.

     Anyway training a dog is fun and there are lots of training manuals and equipment available. I use these here and I have found them to be pretty good.

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