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                                                                           yahoo homework help

Yahoo is a good search engine but typing in yahoo homework help will return many pages of results

     When you search yahoo homework help for a solution to a problem, it is better to refine the keywords and put in the search box the exact

problem. This way you should get back websites that are somehow related to what you are looking for. When searching yahoo for homework help - be very specific as yahoo and other search engines are fine tuned to give you back what you put in the search box. 

After you have done a search you have a humongous list of sites to check. 

     What I do now will save you time and since the internet can be a very good time waster, try it out. I start at the top and open the first page and give it a very quick glance, if it is helpful I leave it and if it is useless I delete it. I do this with every page on the first and second pages of results. This way the only pages I am left with are ones with useful information on them. 

If I find I am deleting everything then I go back and search a new set of keywords and start again. 

     Now I go back to the first page and start reading, and again if the information is not what I want then I delete it. Usually I am left with about 3 or 4 websites that contain the information I am looking for. 

     If your kids use yahoo homework help then teach your kids how to get to the facts very fast. You will find your kids will get distracted very easily. You must make sure they get into the habit of fast searching, or they could spend all there homework time on something that is totally unrelated. 

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