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                                                                                                                          When to plant a vegetable garden

When to plant a vegetable garden is now

Except in the middle of winter but even then in some places you can plant a vegetable garden. So when to plant a vegetable garden is now but the best time is from the beginning of the spring or the

very end of winter to the end of autumn and even into the beginning of winter for all the hardy winter vegetables. 

If you are thinking of planting a vegetable garden, stop thinking and do it. 

Do your reading in the winter in front of the fire and get yourself all psyched up ready to go when the weather starts to warm up. When you are planning to plant a veggie garden don’t worry about all the technical stuff about soil temperature and NPK and all those sort of things, just do it. ‘Nature will find a way’ a great line from one of the Jurassic Park movies, but very true. 

When to plant a vegetable garden is when seeds will grow and give a seed sunlight and water and it will grow.

So don’t plant too early unless you can cover the new plants or else the frost will get them. And that means covering the plants with newspaper or cloth. Plastic is not too good because if it is just laying on top of the plants the cold will still affect the plants, but if it is suspended above the plants it is good. 

I prefer to use cover crops that is why I like spinach. If you are turning your lawn into a veggie garden mow the grass as short as possible then throw spinach seeds around or poke a hole in the grass and into the soil and drop a seed in. Spinach is fast growing so in spring it should cover the grass and hopefully kill it off.

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