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For a large section of land waiting for a garden, check this out in the Australian outback


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Vegetables and home vegetable gardens are coming back as inflation and oil cause problems

My parents and grandparents had gardens and homegrown vegetables. It was a part of their life but our generation, the cheap oil generation, gave that away to the supermarket. But now cheap oil is

nearly finished so it is time to go back to gardens and that means turning the lawn back into vegetables

Even though the area around our houses is a lot smaller than in my grandparentís day and smaller still than what my parents owned we can still do it. 

Bio intensive gardening can produce heaps of vegetables in a very small area. But if you are not into serious gardening, you just want to grow vegetables. Then look at the natural organic gardening method that surfaced in Japan a few years back. For home vegetables and gardens that is the method I use. Vegetables need sunlight and water and they will grow. 

So for water I roll out a few drip irrigation pipes and they keep everything watered. 

You just have to turn them on and off as needed. When you start turning your lawn into a vegetable garden just pick a practice area - mow it as short as possible, roll out a couple of drip irrigation pipes about a foot (30 centimeters) apart. I start by covering the whole area in spinach. Spinach is fast growing so throw a few seeds around and see what happens. After they come up throw a few more spinach seeds around and that is the start of your vegetable garden.

Check out our Vegetable Gardening page and see what you think, but now is the time to stop thinking and just throw a few seeds around the house to see what happens.




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