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What You Need To Know To Survive The Future

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For a large section of land waiting for a garden, check this out in the Australian outback


                                                                                                                                                                             vegetable gardening

Now is the time to start vegetable gardening to help supplement your income 

     With the price of petrol going through the roof and inflation eating away at your paycheck, there is no better time than now. Actually growing vegetables is a lot easier than most people think, so most people donít even try. Yet your

parents and grandparents had veggie gardens. That was the reason for the land around your house, to grow vegetables in. 

But it is a lot easier to plant it in grass and mow it, than have a veggie garden


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     Or is it. If you can grow grass you can grow vegetables for your own table. Setting up a vegetable garden is very easy. The biggest problem could be getting rid of the grass. Now with the oil problems in the world we will find that common fertilizers and bug and pest sprays will all increase in price, because they nearly all come from either oil or natural gas. 

So what do you do? 

     Well for a start just forget about them and stick with natural farming. That is let nature take over and you just wait for the food to grow. One of the things you have to watch is - nature will find a way - and you have to abide by that so be careful with planting times. Because if you plant a seed it will grow, but if it is too early the frosts will get it. 

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     For a plant to grow it only needs two things - sunlight and water. So if you have sunlight and water you can grow veggies. I donít even recommend digging anymore. Itís a bit hard on the back. All I recommend is drip or trickle irrigation as that way you will not use too much water. And the rest is up to nature and the sun.

     Check out our recommended products and see what you think, but now is the time to stop thinking and just throw a few seeds around the house to see what happens.


Thank you for your time


Peter Legrove





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