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                                                                                                                                  vegetable gardening squash

Vegetable gardening squash is one of the easier vegetables to grow.

The big problem with growing squash is they are so easy to grow you have to be careful or you could be eating squash all through winter. So unless you have a stall at the local farmerís market,

donít throw too many seeds around. If you pick up an early butternut squash at the organic market you should be able to plant the seeds. As long as you get the seeds in the ground around midsummer you will be OK. 

Just poke the seeds in the ground near the trickle irrigation nozzle

As you know I love trickle irrigation, it beats carrying a watering can around. Now stand back and watch your garden become overrun with squash vines. Iím not joking, so go easy on the seeds. The best place to plant squash seeds is not in the vegetable garden. Out the back in the corner or along the fence are good places as long as the sun can warm up the squash plants then you can watch them take off. Donít let them start climbing as most squash and pumpkin plants need to be on the ground or they wont grow vegetables, they will just keep growing. Also you will need to keep turning the runners away or they will spread out all over the place. 

Squash are a good vegetable to practice on, as they are so easy to grow. 

If you are new to vegetable gardening stick a seed under a dripping tap and then train it to grow along the house or along the fence and you should be OK. As long as the plant is in the sun. The sun is the magic ingredient when it comes to veggie gardening. If you have sun and water then you will have squash for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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