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                                                                                                                              vegetable gardening seeds

To get good vegetable gardening seeds go to the organic market or farmers market.

The vegetable gardening seeds that you need are seeds that already grow in your area, and the best place for these seeds is in the organic farmer's market. Just buy what you want to eat and use

the seeds, but not all vegetables especially cabbages and root crops have seeds. Then you have to buy the packets of seed. Squash, pumpkins, marrow, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more vegetable have seeds when you buy them so just use the seeds. 

But to start you will need to check out your local garden center as they should have the seeds that grow in your area. 

Go easy on the vegetable seeds Ė I prefer to poke a hole in the dirt and drop in a seed. That way I know how many vegetable plants might come up. Then after they come up if I need more Iíll plant some more. The main reason I donít like to plant too many seeds is because if they all come up at once you will have too many of one type of vegetable. Unless you have a stall at the local farmerís market or lots of friends and relatives you donít want that. 

Always save the seed from your best vegetables whether they are the tastiest or the biggest it is up to you and then you can plant them next year. 

With onions and potatoes save the littlest for seed, just put them along the walls in the garage and they should be alright to plant next year. When you are eating your early vegetable poke a few more seeds in the dirt - you might get a second crop before the winter sets in.

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