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                                                                                                                           vegetable gardening plants

Sometimes using vegetable gardening plants is better than just throwing some seeds around

If you are new to vegetable gardening just check out which vegetable gardening plants are for sale at your local garden center. The vegetable gardening plants they have for sale are the plants that

need to be planted now and they should be the varieties that grow best in your area. So just pick up what you like, take them home, dig a little hole and plant them, then you must water them. And hopefully youíll have some vegetables for your table in a couple of months. 

Vegetable gardening plants are ready to grow so you will save time and if you have a snail and slug problem stick a plastic bottle with the bottom cut out over the plant and hope for the best.  

Or you can stick the bottle the other way round with the neck over the plant and the open bottom in the air. When I plant the vegetable garden plants of the same variety I plant them a long distance apart about a meter or yard and that way diseases and bugs have trouble getting from one plant to another. But slugs and snails are different. 

By planting vegetable gardening plants you have more success against the bugs that by planting seeds as the bugs eat them as they start growing. 

Also when you are at the garden center you can buy many different vegetable plants so therefore you can start of with a variety of plants. The main advantage of seeds is they are cheaper per plant but donít plant the whole packet at once as you could have too many vegetables to eat if they all come up.

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