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For a large section of land waiting for a garden, check this out in the Australian outback


                                                                                                                     vegetable gardening raised beds

There are a couple of ways to set up a vegetable garden and one is vegetable gardening raised beds

There are some distinct advantages with vegetable gardening raised beds and the best one is, they save your back. You donít have to bend down as far and with vegetable gardening you do a lot of

bending down. But the big problem is they take a lot of energy to set up, and in some cases a lot of digging Ė double digging to be exact to 24 inches or 2 feet.  

Once they  are set up they stay that way for life and you keep reusing them and adding vegetable mulch to fertilize the soil

A good way to set up a garden, takes time but it is worth it. To set up the beds you can either - first make up the frame and then fill in the earth or make up the bed then build the frame around it. Some vegetable garden raised bed frames are made from untreated timber and they rot away over time. You can make up a rock wall held together with concrete or you can make up a frame for concrete walls. 

There are many ways to set vegetable garden raised beds but do you need them. 

I donít need them Ė sometimes I donít even use beds. I just mark out a walkway with string through the garden and use that. That is the advantage of using cover crops. You first plant an edible cover crop then after it is up you start planting your vegetables into it as you eat the cover crop. So vegetable gardening in raised beds is up to you. If you want to do it, do it but if you are new to veggie gardening just grow a few veggies first until you get the hang of it then you can set up your vegetable garden raised beds.

Check out our Vegetable Gardening page and see what you think, but now is the time to stop thinking and just throw a few seeds around the house to see what happens.




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