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For a large section of land waiting for a garden, check this out in the Australian outback


                                                                                                                                    vegetable garden fence

When you are putting up a vegetable garden fence you usually do that in the winter.

If you put a fence in summer when your garden is in full swing you could do a lot of damage with soil compaction and just standing on the vegetable plants. Now when you are thinking about what type

of fence you want Ė think into the future. If it is legal to have chickens in your area get them - you should check this because some cities have banned chickens. Also with this chicken flu there might be repercussions in the future, especially with neighbors. 

But if you can have chickens get them, they give you eggs and they eat bugs which is good, but the best thing is they fertilize the soil with their droppings. 

And you donít need too many Ė 5 or 6 should be alright. But you need a good wire mesh fence set in concrete, probably 5 or 6 feet high to keep the dogs and the neighbors out. You can also use a high picket fence. As long as the chickens canít get through. On this type of fence you just hang twine to give the plants something to hang onto when climbing. This is for the back and the sides or to close off the whole back of the section. 

For the front you can have the attractive high picket fence that anyone walking past your house can see. 

Also a wire mesh fence is a good climbing fence and you can plant cucumbers, beans and eggplant, okra, or even the Chinese vegetables -  bitter melon, jia jia and mei mei which are something like a very long cucumber. Climbing melons, gourds, squashes, marrows and courgettes can all be grown up the fence. With some plants you might have to tie the plant onto the fence. Also you might have to hang twine on the fence to give the vines something to hold onto. If you have a vegetable garden fence use it to grow vegetables.

Check out our Vegetable Gardening page and see what you think, but now is the time to stop thinking and just throw a few seeds around the house to see what happens.




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