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                                                                                                                                        Tuffies dog toy

Give your big aggressive chewer a Tuffies Dog Toy and see how long it lasts

Thanks to Tuffies we now have the Tuff Scale that rates how tough a plush toy is and Tuffies has one of the toughest. 

On the scale anything over 5 is reasonably tough with 10 being nearly indestructible. Tuffies toys are made from industrial grade nylon on the inside with

a layer of fleece on the outside, and up to 7 rows of stitches, so they seem to be pretty indestructible.  But if there is any flaw in the stitching or the design your dog will find it and that will be the end of the toy. 

Not many toys make it to Number 10 but Tuffies Mega Ring does. This ring is 13.5 inches across and weights in at over a pound and has 4 squeakers scattered around the ring, so it should be pretty nearly impossible to destroy but is it. 

The next one Tuffies Rumble Ring has a rating of 9, is only 10 inches but was destroyed in 15 minutes by an extra savage Lab, but most dogs didnít leave a dent in it. So if your dog is not extra savage then it should be OK. 

The dog proof toy hasnít been invented yet but the black Kong is pretty close to being dog proof, but that is not a plush soft toy. If you are into soft plush your best bet is one of these Tuffies. They have a wide selection including bones, dinosaurs and fish and are available in most pet shops.

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