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"What You Need To Know To Survive The Future"

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                                                                                                                                                                                              The Future   

At present the future of the planet and therefore our home doesn’t look good. 

     The doom merchants should be out in force but nobody is listening. I think we should at least prepare for some dramatic changes at least in our lifetimes. And also set up the future for our children so they have some chance of surviving

   In our generation it was all about getting to university, then getting a good job and hopefully staying married to the same person. But those days will soon be gone. It'll very soon be about getting enough food to eat and that means growing your own food and protecting it.

The biggest problem facing humanity is population 

     But then again that is a taboo subject and if you are a politician you don’t want to commit political suicide by mentioning the P word. So nothing is said but to survive the future you have to be aware of the overpopulation problem. And that means living in an area away from any major population centers. 

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   Setting up shop in a small country town with a good farmers market is a start. If the town is involved in the Transition Towns movement then there are people already living there who know about the future. 

The future is also about sustainability and that means harvesting rainwater and recycling water to water the garden. 

     If you can put a water tank under the rainwater down-pipes from your roof so you can collect water, then do it. The future means not relying too much on your town government. 

     When electricity goes so will water. Also try to set up a simple gray water recycling system so the water for the garden and the toilet is recycled. You just need a couple of 44 gallon drums full of sand as a filter and the water coming out the other end will be good for the garden. The future is about getting it right because as things start to deteriorate you might not have time for a second chance.

     For more information about how to survive the future see our blog and our resources below                                                                                                               

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     All the best surviving the future




      Peter Legrove



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