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                                                                                                                                          the end of time

Are we at the end of time or just around the corner from the end      

     I watch a lot of National Geographic and Discovery channel programs and the accomplishes of

mankind are just simple amazing. You can watch any of the construction programs like Megastructures or Man Made Marvels or any number of different programs and just be amazed by what mankind can make. 

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     We are still not sure how the pyramids were constructed. And I am sure when future man, in about 5000 years, time digs up the remains of some of the man made structures we have created he will scratch his head and wonder how we did it. 

Take the Hoover Dam for example: 

     If you came across the ruins of the dam in say 5000 years time would you know what it was. And would you actually come to the conclusion that the concrete was poured from cables strung across the gorge. I look at how we do things and wonder once all the construction equipment is taken away can future man put it all together from the ruins scattered around him. 

     After you watch a number of documentaries about past civilizations you could come to the same conclusion that some archaeologists have come to, and that is some civilizations just collapse because they are ready to collapse. 

They have managed to go past their use-by-date. 

     They seem to collapse at the height of their civilization. The generations who lived under the great pyramid at Giza also saw the collapse of their civilization. The South and Central American civilizations just imploded leaving behind huge beautiful cities to be swallowed up by the jungle. On Easter Island they lined the coast with huge statues then their civilization just caved in. Are we next, have we gone past our use-by-date. 

     Are our beautiful cities going to crumble beneath our feet?

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