Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science  

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                                                                                        teaching reading is rocket science

Some parents actually think that teaching reading is rocket science, but it isnít

Teaching reading just takes time not rocket science, and the more time you put in the faster your kids will learn to read. Really there is no fast easy way to teach reading, but you donít need to be a rocket scientist to teach your kids to read. I suppose some teachers and schools would

say that teaching reading is rocket science. But that would be to keep your children in the mainstream school system, especially if you are thinking of homeschooling

If you take the phonics approach to teaching reading you might think phonics are rocket science. 

But after you look into phonics you find out how easy they are. I prefer the Montessori approach to teaching phonics because she uses sandpaper letters. Now sandpaper letters actually help to implant the words and phonic sounds in your childís mind while she is just tracing the sandpaper letter. 

You might think phonics are confusing but they are really quite simple because we say them every time we speak. 

Phonics are just a visual representation of the spoken word. And once your child can match the sound with the letters then she is well on the way on the road to reading fluently. The problem with phonics is after learning phonics your child can read anything but she might not understand what she is reading. So you have to be there to explain some new words and sentences. It is also a good idea to ask your child to explain to you what she is reading and then you will know if she understands what she is reading. So teaching reading is not rocket science it just takes time

For more information about phonics courses I recommend including a Montessori course see our Teaching Reading page.





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