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There seems to be no one single teaching reading strategy that stands out above the rest.

Educators are always debating which teaching reading strategy is the best and this is possibly one of the reasons why so many students have trouble reading. I was taught under the phonics reading strategy and my

reading comprehension is very good, but my kids and my brotherís kids were taught under the whole language system and their reading is shocking. 

I intervened with my kids and taught them phonics and they are doing okay now. 

But my brother didnít teach phonics, he only read to his kids every night and his kids are way behind mine. 

About a hundred years ago Maria Montessori introduced a teaching system based on phonics that taught kids very well. I used her system to teach my kids and it worked amazingly well, but I also did a lot of reading at night

I donít think it matters which reading strategy you use as long as it is phonics based. You should also do some reading with your children as often as possible. It is all based on time, the more time you spend helping your child to read, the more they learn. Also if your child is having trouble learning to read at school you should do something to help. Because it doesnít take long before your child is left behind. 

I am not a great fan of the whole language approach as it does not seem to be very effective, but kids nowadays have more distractions that we had and that could be one of the reasons why reading levels are falling.

For a course based on the Montessori Method of teaching reading and other phonics based courses see our teach reading page.









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