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                                                                                             synthetic phonics  

When you start to teach your child to read synthetic phonics is a good place to start. Lets Learn Phonics

There are two main ways of teaching phonics: they are synthetic phonics and analytic phonics, and there is a big difference between the two. With

analytic phonics you start with the complete word and break it down into phonic sounds. 

Synthetic phonics is the opposite, your child starts by learning the phonic sounds and builds up to words. 

I learnt to read under the synthetic phonics system and it seems that the Maria Montessori approach starts off teaching reading with synthetic phonics. I like the Montessori method as she uses sandpaper letters and that helps to implant the phonic sound in your child’s mind. 

With synthetic phonics you first teach the 44 phonics sounds. But it starts to get complicated as a lot of phonic sounds are spelt differently. For example the phonic sound ‘ao’ ‘ow’ and ‘ough’ are all pronounced the same. For a phonic chart so you can see how many different phonics spellings there are see here. 

A lot of people swear by synthetic phonics and I like it too. But I now follow the Montessori approach where the child learns a few phonic sounds then turns the sounds into words. This way the child doesn’t learn all the phonic sounds before learning words as they do with the true synthetic phonics approach. 

I think this approach is better as it combines synthetic with analytic and the children start to learn words earlier. Also an added bonus with this system is when the child is tracing the sandpaper letters they are learning to write. Therefore teaching writing is a lot easier and the child can actually start writing by herself.

For more about the phonics courses I recommend including a Montessori course see our teach reading page.







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