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                                                                                                           Super Premium Dog Food

When buying dog food most dog owners should buy a good quality Super Premium Dog Food.

Super premium dog food usually means paying more but if you look at the benefits to your dogís health and well being you will most definitely be paying pay less. Also with a Super Premium Dog Food you feed a lot less on a per day basis, so you could actually be

saving money or it could cost the same. 

Next time you are stocking up on dog food just check the amounts you feed your dog and you will see a big difference. Most Super Premium Dry Dog Foods suggest about 1 and Ĺ to 2 cups a day for a 40lb dog. That is not very much to eat so there is less doggie poo to clean up and if you have a small yard then there is one advantage right there. 

When you move onto a Premium Dog Food the labels suggests over 3 cups a day for the same size dog. So you can start seeing the savings. A big bag of Super Premium will last longer than a Premium Quality Dog Food. When you get down to the economy brands or the budget brands they recommend over 5 to 6 cups a day and that is a lot of doggie poo right there. 

Donít take my word for it. Next time you are in the shop buying dog food check it out for your self or buy a Super Premium bag and a economy bag and see which lasts longer. Also read the labels, I love reading labels there is some amazing stuff in dog food and some of it I canít even pronounce. And you will find the Super Premium Dog Food is mostly meat while the budget brands are mostly corn and that is where your dogís health comes in. 

Dogs fed a Super Premium Food do not have as many health problems. Anyway I buy my dog food from these online stores and if I buy enough I get free delivery. I think the best quality dog food is Solid Gold and Canidae, both available at



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