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                                                                                                                                      Population control

One of the few countries in the world that already has population control is going to be the next superpower so controlling the population definitely has advantages. 

     Also I think the main reason China took off so fast economically is because of their

One Child Policy.
I think the
One Child Policy came out before the Opening Up To The West Policytherefore it started China off on the road to dominating the world. Now the rest of the world has to play catch up but nobody is talking about population control. They are just carrying on with business as usual and wondering why their citizens are not getting ahead. 

Experts are saying the world population will seem to level off somewhere between 8.5 billion and 9 billion. 

     But we as a species are not going to last that long. Something will give and we will suffer the consequences. It could be something as simple as wiping out the bee populations or something more sinister like peak oil. 

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     The citizens of the overpopulated planet don’t seem to realize that modern agriculture is just turning oil into food. So when we run out of oil we will also run out of food. And very few politicians are trying to do anything about it, mainly because they knew they can't. 

China will survive because it is not a democracy. 

     When China wants a wind farm they say we will have a wind farm here and less than a year later there is an operational wind farm and many people have jobs. Here in the west there would be environmental impact studies and a host of anything else designed to stop progress. But the biggest hurdle is the Not In My Backyard Syndrome that tries to stop anything to do with progress. China doesn’t have those problems so it marches ahead. 

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