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                                                                                                                                   planting vegetable gardens

When you are planting your vegetable garden donít plant too many plants of one vegetable at the one time

Unless you have a stall at your local farmerís market. There are a number of tried and trusted ways of planting vegetable gardens but you do what is best for you. When you are starting out buy seedling that are already growing from your local garden center. These seedlings will be the plants

that grow well in your area. And if your local garden center is selling them then it is the right time to plant them. So buy some take them home and pop them in the soil. 

For new seedlings you have to be careful the slugs and snails and other vegetable garden pests donít get them. 

If I can I put a plastic drink bottle with the bottom cut off over the plant just to keep the bugs away. If you are planting by seed which is what I like to do, especially seeds Iíve collected from the year before, I plant one seed by one seed. I donít just throw the seeds everywhere. If the seeds donít come up or they come up and the slugs get them, I plant another one. 

When the slugs and snails are really bad I will put a plastic bottle over the seed. 

You can plant the seeds in trays in the glasshouse and transplant them into the garden if you like. But I follow the organic or the natural method of gardening and that means usually planting by seed. The golden rule when planting vegetable gardens is not to plant too many seeds of the one vegetable, in case they all come up. Then you will be eating that one vegetable all the time. I like to run out before Iím tired of eating it.

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