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Do You Want An Experienced Foreign Teacher Teaching At Your Kindergarten Or Primary School

Who has Been Teaching In China For 7 Years

     Dear Principal:

     For the past 7 years I have been in front of a classroom in primary schools and kindergartens teaching children from 3 to 12 years old. When teaching the children I use flash cards, animal puppets, animal masks and the usual songs and chants. "AAA say OK", "Teddy Bear Turn Around" "Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes" "1 Finger 1 Finger" "The Wheels On The Bus", to name a few. In the kindergartens I've taught kids from the small class through to the big class. 

     Some kindergartens had me out the front in the mornings, greeting the children and the parents. But I think the best way to show off the foreign teacher was at the kindergartens where I taught the last class of the day. And when the parents came in to pick up their children, they could watch me teaching the last class. A lot of fun and the parents seemed to enjoy watching the class. For teaching reading I photocopied onto the A3 size page some Scholastic Phonics Readers books, the beginners books, and in the big class some students could actually read some of the books. I think it was more to do with reading the pictures than actually reading the words. The middle classes were not to happy with the photocopied pages, I think trying to read was a bit too difficult for them. 

     Even though I know a bit about teaching Montessori reading, over here in China, sandpaper letters are not the rage. Kids love them, but some teachers don't seem to think they are any good, so I gave up using them. 

     I like a big blackboard in the classrooms, because then I can set up the class in groups and have a little bit of a competition between the groups. In some classes they kids like it, but it doesn't always work out as planned. If I am not using a blackboard I have the kids in the standard half circle with me in the middle. Or if the children are behind desks or little tables, I just leave them as that is what they are used too.

     I taught at the South School Company Group from August 2007 to August 2012 They have 8 different kindergartens and three primary schools. I have taught at most of the kindergartens, but I spend the most time at George Kindergarten and Primary School, Majestic Garden, Fangcun, Guangzhou. At the primary school I teach Grade 1 to Grade 6. We use the standard primary school textbook. At the kindergarten I teach children between 3 and 6 years old. We use the “Hello Teddy” books and some of the Kid Castle Songs.

     My name is Peter Legrove and I was born in New Zealand. Even though I have been in China for a number of years, my Mandarin is still pretty bad. I don't drink, smoke or take any medication. I'm into moderate fitness, and like riding my bike in the morning. I do gym twice a week to keep in shape. And in my free time I write books and play around on the internet.  

     This is my youtube video page showing my teaching videos as well as a lot of other stuff.

This is my book about teaching reading

and my author page on

     This book shows the parent how to teach reading and writing using the Montessori sandpaper letters and phonics method of teaching. The Montessori teaching method has been in use for over a hundred years, and is still as popular now, as it was when Maria Montessori designed it when she started teaching learning disabled children.

Work Experience

2015 -- Now Online Teacher teaching Chinese children online
2013 -- 2015 Author. Building up my range of teaching books

2005 --  2012 South School Company Group Guangzhou China. Teaching kindergarten kids and primary school students English.

2004 – 2005 Mel Adams Ltd Hong Kong Showing people how to set up English Websites, affiliate marketing, video, writing information products, webinars, video conferencing, teaching over the internet.

2003 -- 2004 Massey University -- Graduate Diploma in Adult Teaching and Learning

1997 – 2002 BJ&T Property - Property investment

1994 – 1997 Wan Shun Consulting Hong Kong Teaching Adult students and kids.


2004      Massey University New Zealand - Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning – Major in English as a Second Language.


 From my school in Guangzhou China


 Hello Peter

How are you? Is everything good?

I am very sorry I am so late to reply you. Recently I am very,very ,very busy so that I have no more time to check my e-mail. So sorry.

I am so glad to receive your letter, but I am so sorry to hear the bad news that you can't come back to GuangZhou.

Maybe it is hard for us to meet you again. I feel a bit sad, because the teachers and the kids asked me about you last week,

include our headmaster--Miss Zhang,the strict and old woman. I am sure everyone in our school likes you so much. For me,

I feel I lose one friend.

At the same time, I feel happy you can stay with your family and do better  business. Because I think you are really a good business man.

I hope you earn morn money,buy more houses and cars. And maybe we will go to your country one day. You can take us go around everywhere

about your country. HaHa! Just a joking

If you have free time, contract please.

Best wishes




From my part time weekend family tutor family

蓝 天 <>

Hi Peper:

    How are you! I tell you ,you don't know you are how important for chinese,the kids miss you ,some parents missed you too. do you remember your record,the parents said when they listened the record ,they missed you.

    the parttime teacher only one is come here to meet. but she is from Filiping,the parents cant recevied .so can you give me the information about ad.thank you very much.




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