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                                                                                                                   Pet Frogs          

All over the world experts say frogs are disappearing so why not have your very own frog habitat in your home and help save the frog.

Pet Frogs On The Fridge

  Nature in the mail nowadays can bring us many wonderful creatures that the parentís generation had to go out and find in the backyard.

It is simply amazing what the mailman can bring you. The most common are butterflies and ants, but even the more difficult to keep alive in a plastic tube in the mail like frogs and fish are also available.

When I was growing up we had the butterflies and the ants and they were wonderful things.  


Children love nature so why help nurture that love.

What a better way to introduce your children or grandchildren to some of the wonders of nature, than with this Free Ebook. "Some of the wonders of nature the postman can deliver to your door". 

Nowadays when we live in big cities, the real wonders of nature are very hard to find. There are ways to bring the wonders of nature to you, without having to leave the comfort of your home. These days the wonders of nature are only a few clicks away.                  

In this Free Ebook you'll find out some of the products the postman can deliver, to bring nature into your living room, next to the TV, without going to the park or taking a holiday in the countryside. 

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I can still remember running around with a butterfly net trying to catch butterflies, even now my daughter does the same thing. But the Internet has changed all that. We brought the butterfly net over the Internet. Then when she never caught any butterflies we did the modern generation thing and ordered them through the mail.

Ant farms are another part of nature that we grew up but we couldnít buy them over the mail.

There are a few nature things nowadays that I didnít have, and one of them is the frog farm. Our generation was not really into frogs, dominated by the --Frog And The Princess-- stories.


Somehow I think we were taught things like, frogs were ugly and something to cut up during biology classes. So I never had anything to do with frogs.

But the generation gap or should we say the marketing gap doesnít stop our kids from watching eggs turn into tadpoles then into frogs.  

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On the market there are a number of frog farms and we will look at two of them.

The first is 'Surf Frogs' from Costume Craze. This is a live frog habitat that is quite an amazing contraption. It is the same concept as the other nature in the mail critters, and that is, first you buy the frog habitat home then you send away for the frogs. This habitat is unique, quite large at about 17 inches long, under a removable two-top vented plastic dome. Plenty of viewing space to see the frogs.

The beach scene is a standard beach scene with a floating surfboard, a palm tree and a sandy beach made of plastic and an umbrella. Not really a frog scene as I think frogs live in lakes and ponds and not at the beach.

The farm is escape proof and should be break resistant. There have been no problems with assembling the habitat, but some customers said their frog managed to get out, as there was a slight problem with the feeding hatch.

The next frog habitat weíll look at is the Planet Frog

This is more a frog home, as it looks like a pond with a little hut and lots of plastic grass and weeds. This habitat has a removable lid and magnifying glass in part of the roof. There is also a warning not to leave the magnifying glass in direct sunlight, as we should all know what happens sunlight shines through a magnifying glass.

This is a lovely looking frog home, less dramatic that the Surf Frogís Habitat, but it is a pretty flimsy contraption. The plastic is very thin and it bends and wobbles all over the place if you try to move it. As the top only sits on it can come off very easily, so some frogs have managed to escape. But you can still see the metamorphous from tadpole to frog.

Both sets come with the standard instruction booklet, frog food and the mail away coupon to order your tadpoles.

With any nature thing in the mail there is always a problem with live delivery of the critters, and that is the same with the tadpoles. These companies seem to have got it together, so if your tadpoles arrive dead you can always order again. The other main problem is expectations of what the critters are going to do. As most things in nature are governed by temperature, sunlight and season, what happens to your frogs can depend on where you live. So donít expect too much from the frogs then you will not be too disappointed.

Anyway watching nature in action, even if it is just the life cycle of a frog, is a very exciting part of life so you kids should love one of these frog habitats.

      Copyright Peter Legrove

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