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Peak oil should be on everybodyís mind but nothing is happening in the peak oil blogs and forums

At a time when the world should wake up to the peak oil crisis there is very little activity on the peak oil blogs. Only the die hard peak oil websites have any recent news on them. The rest, nothing, zippo, nada.

We are living in the last days of oil and all we are doing is trying to use it up as fast as we can. 

We donít seem to realize at present there is no replacement for oil. 

The big problem is oil is used in everything we do and make. So one would think the peak oil blogs will be full of information about how to survive the future. We are all like Napoleon putting the telescope up to his blind eye but we are different from Napoleon. We are hoping it will go away but it isnít, it will just get worse. We are heading towards the end of civilization as we know it, and we just donít care. 

Blogs are so easy to set up. 

You would think that something as important as the end of civilization as we know it will have a few concerned citizens trying to save the world. But no. I think one of the problems with the whole peak oil thing is: Back in the early days of peak oil the whole peak oil scene was dominated by the total breakdown of society into meandering groups of survivors. 

I could find very little on a slow decline of civilization into ecogroups. All seemed to be collapse and that was the future, so I think a lot of people were put off peak oil and that is one of the reasons there is a total lack of motivation to do anything to save the planet. Anyway for a peak oil blog you can check out my Blog and see what you think, then head over to my Peak Oil page for more resources on saving the your part of the planet.


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